Why Atomic Leagues2?

Welcome to Atomic Leagues, my name is Jeff Steil and I'd like to tell you about a better way to manage your team website. Whether your team is a back-to-back champion, a group of up and coming all-stars, or a bunch of your friends playing softball on Wednesday nights, this is the website for you.

My goals are simple:


Coaching my daughter's team

Ever since I was young I've loved sports - playing whiffle ball in the backyard, football at the park, then moving on to organized teams and leagues. Going on cross-country trips with my parents, my brothers and I used to pass the time by making up baseball dice games to play in the car. We put together fictional rosters, tracked statistics (doubles sixes was a homerun!), and created our own universe to play in.

My playing days behind me, I want to create something really special for teams and leagues that will allow them to express themselves online and to show the world the players that make the team what it is.

My Philosophy

I have a different approach. I'm not trying to cover every sport and every person. You won't find a "one sport fits all" approach that you see on so many other sites. If you are on a baseball or softball team, this is the place for you. Other sports, check back in a few months to see what we have for you.

Founded in January, 2010, this is a small company for a reason. I feel it is important that I have a pulse on what works well on the site, and to quickly fix what doesn't. I also use the software myself and can see first-hand areas that need to be improved. I handle all support so I know the issues you are dealing with and I can fix them. When new features are proposed I can turn them around quickly, sometimes within hours. And at the end of the day you know who I am and that I will do everything I can to make sure your team has a great website. This is my passion and I spend every day making your team site better.

Get in Touch

I am always available, drop me a line anytime through the support request form with any questions, comments, or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you, have a great season!